Thursday, March 30, 2006


This came to our attention during FVR's time. No idea if it is still being produced. I do recall the great ruckus it raised during that time.

It that the NABISCO brand I see there? The promo edge of this packaging is in Spanish.

I checked Wickipedia and I saw this: Filipinos, in the plural, refers to cookies which are manufactured by Artiach and Nabisco in Spain. Nabisco sold out to United Biscuits Iberia which is owned by United Biscuits UK.



PHaT :) said...

hmmm.. sorry, but i don't. :) this snack was probably born a couple of years before me. or was it?.. quite interesting, would you mind telling me little about it? :)

good day! God bless.

jher said...

Was it even sold here? I've heard about it but never seen one.

Sidney said...

I heard about the story a few years ago. Never tasted nor saw one!
Are they still selling it?

Citizen of the World said...

In Europe mostly!!! Very weird.

Anonymous said...

I ate a bunch of Filipinos in southern Spain in 1998. I literally did a double take when I saw them on the shelves at the grocer. Tasty, but very weird. We felt vaguely cannibalistic. I just wish I had saved the wrappers.

Anonymous said...

i loved that cookie! Me and my sisters ate it all the time when we lived in spain!! I need to know if they still sell them!