Sunday, March 05, 2006


Many people mistake the pineapple as Cagayan de Oro's main produce. This is so unfair to the delightfully idyllic province of Bukidnon, just an hour's drive from the city, where pineapple plantations of the Del Monte Corporation (formerly Philippine Packing Corporation) are located. Yes, the line "as far as the eyes can see" truly applies to these fields.

Source: Department of Tourism

In fact, Cagayan de Oro doesn't have one main major produce in its name. Except for gold production, which has long been stopped, the city is simply the business center of, and gateway to, the province of Misamis Oriental.

But for first-time visitors, do not fret. There's always something you can bring home:

1.) meat products (Sler's "Cagayan longganisa" - a fairly-new invention, and the Floriendo's Oroham's meat products)

2.) Vjandep's Pastel from Camiguin

3.) Peanuts from Cheding of Iligan City

4.) Black rice (polished / unpolished)

Yes, you read it right. There are specialty farms in CDO and nearby Bukidnon devoted to special varieties of rice. This is not widely available so you have to know beforehand where to buy. I got mine from a neighbor-doctor who specializes in Oriental medicine. Very nice find. Great as a gift and pasalubong for health-conscious friends.

G.G.G. Hot Tip: Here in Manila, unpolished black rice is served at former DOT Secretary Mina Gabor's resturant along Roxas Boulevard, near the NEDA and CITEM offices. You can also buy per kilo. Look for The Garden House.


Jeff Pioquinto,SJ said...

WOW. ang sarap ng pastel and CDO longganisa.

where did you go in Bukidnun? Miarayon is the best for me and malaybalay as well.

thanks and God bless

Sidney said...

I always thought pineapples were growing in the trees, till I saw them coming out of the ground here in the Philippines... :-)

Citizen of the World said...

That was funny, Sidney! I also thought before that pineapple juice came from squeezing the fruits. Wrong!

Mila Tan said...

I've been to Miarayon (spelling) in Bukidnon, and enjoyed several forays to CDO (my guilty pleasure is the pastel and the garlic peanuts, not together).

Anonymous said...

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Hope to see you soon!

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