Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Thanks to ClustrMaps, I am able to know how many visits I am having in a month's time, and from where. I think I seem to have lots of hits from the US and Europe but very little in Asia, which is a bit sad. But since the Philippines gets very little attention, if at all, in the US and most especially in Europe, I hope G.G.G. would be a good source of information for readers in these areas. Thanks so much to all visitors from the world over!


Mila Tan said...

How do you get clustrmaps on one's blog?

Citizen of the World said...

Mila, click on the cluster map below my blog. There's a small one there which will lead you to their site. When you're there na, click on "Get One!" or something to that effect. It will provide you an html code which you need to insert into your template :-)

Sidney said...

It seems they like you very much in the States and in Europe. You are never king in your own country... (But there is a big dot in the Philippines !)
Maybe you should start a career overseas...!

Citizen of the World said...

A big dot indeed comes from Manila and the Visayas. I assume that'd be in Cebu or something where there is high internet saturation.

ha ha! Maybe i should start making money out of all this blogging, eh?!

ercy said...

hello, i came across your blog during my search for "turrones de casoy" online. do you know of any companies that will ship to the US? i have yet to find it in any of the filipino stores in Michigan.