Saturday, March 04, 2006


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Prosecutor wants justice hall built
By Tony Macapagal

NEWLY appointed city chief prosecutor Jhosep Lopez said he will prioritize the construction of Manila’s Hall of Justice.

Lopez, who relinquished his post as councilor when he assumed his newly designated position last Thursday, disclosed that he will take up the matter with city Mayor Lito Atienza.

“I know very well that Mayor Atienza, as far back as he first assumed his post in 1998, has shown great interest in building the city’s Hall of Justice. However, due to some unexpected problems that cropped up along these past years, the realization of a justice hall continues to elude us. I am just hoping that this dream will turn into reality very soon,” Lopez told Standard Today over the weekend.

The Hall of Justice was first envisioned by the city government to rise where the old jai-alai building along Taft Avenue in Ermita once stood.

Its construction, however, never materialized.

Standard Today has gathered information that the Hall of Justice will be built at the old GSIS Building on Arroceros Street near the city hall.

The old GSIS building will be demolished to give way to the justice hall. However, the date of its construction has yet to be determined.

“The honorable mayor and my office will thresh out whatever kinks there are in order to pave the way for the construction to begin,” Lopez, a four-time councilor, added.

Source: Manila Standard Today, February 28 2006

Why the hell did he have to tear down the Jai Alai Building then?! And why is the old Veterans Hospital building being torn down? What's next, the former Ombudsman building? Luneta Hotel? This has got to stop.

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