Monday, March 13, 2006


February 17-19
Weddings and Debuts 2006
Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall
Project of The Wedding Library

Once again, we were seen at Megatrade Hall at SM Megamall with our booth for The Mango Farm. This year, the order being something Filipino, we came up with an idea of using an all-capiz ensemble to surround our 2X3-meters booth. The rest of the ideas like the banig-wrapped, multi-layered latrform came from Mike Santos of the Farm.

Vatel Manila wishes to thank Ate Letty Yanga of Quiapo's famous Ils de Tules (ilalim ng tulay, for those not in the know) for discounts and speedy delivery on the capiz curtains. Henry, as well, for taking time to make the long walks to and from Quiapo. Tony of the Farm for the amazing (and erstwhile secret) artistry. To SB, for always being so supportive of my work. And to Mike, for the chance to make these ideas cme to life!(Why is this sounding like a thank-you speech for the Oscars?!)

Here's to more booths for the Farm!


carlosceldran said...

Where is the Mango Farm?

Sidney said...

Are you making the booths? Are you an interior architect?

Citizen of the World said...

Carlos: This is your first "comment" here. The Mango Farm is in Kingsville Court along Sumulong Highway, Cainta. You can visit the website at :-)

Sidney: I designed the booth, yes, but I don't do it for a living. I work in a BPO company as an editor although i finished medicine. :-)

bernadette said...

I've seen so many pictures of the Mango Farm. Is it farther if you go there from Pampanga?