Monday, March 06, 2006


In CDO, there are only three ways to get around the city if you don't have a vehicle of your own. Walk. Jeepney. Motorela. You may dismiss the latter as trying-hard-to-be-Thailand/India but hey, this only means you haven't seen Manila's tuk-tuks yet. Tsk tsk. Mayor L.A. may have already run out of ideas on how to "buhayin" the city. I didn't know importing tuk tuks would be one of his more intelligent decisions. I was hoping he'd do something to improve the plight of kalesa operators. Heck, back to the topic.

The Motorela or Rela can take on 8 passengers despite the seemingly fragile frame. That's 6 people inside, and two more beside the driver. Back in High School, we've had some instances where the weight balance would favor the back part and the Rela's nose will end up high in the air like were preparing to blast off into space. I still laugh at the memory!

By the way, if anything, CDO must be one of the last bastions of good jeepney making given the beautiful designs of the jeeps here. Unlike their rusty Manila brothers or Cebu box-types, CDO jeeps are - flamboyant! Colorful, well-lighted, flashy and with the usual - and required - loud music, any visitor must prepare oneself to this assault to the senses. Relas, on the other hand, are simple, quiet machines.

And, for a small bay-area, University town, CDO has over 5,000 registered cabs! And most of these cabs are Toyota Altis types. Whoah! Just bring a CD along and pop it in the player on your way to your destination. This is the life...

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