Monday, March 27, 2006


Was walking along Sta Cruz when I espied this kid finishing off a McDo sundae someone probably gave him out of pity. Siempre nahuli ako 'nung ale sa loob habang kinukunan ko ang bata. Dyahe! Baka akalaing pedophile ako, nyak!

If this is dinner, there's no likelihood this kid will grow up healthy. That is, if he grows up at all. This is already a very common scene infront of fastfood restos in the metro.

Once, while buying pan de sal at Julie's located in the village where I live, a little girl (ang dungis!) tugged at my shirt and pointed to a chocolate cake (Php 8 only) on the counter.

What to do naman, ' di ba? Hay naku.


Mila Tan said...

did you give her a pandesal instead?

The Talking Mute said...

When I lived in the Phils., I used to wonder (out of ignorance) why these children are left to roam the streets of Manila. When I moved here to Canada, I saw abundance and affluence that people take for granted. After seeing this picture and reading your story, I felt deep sorrow and pain (literally) after putting myself in his shoes (or lack of shoes). Children and adults alike here in Canada are very wasteful. They just don't know...they just don't know.

Sidney said...

Sad to say, but even if they knew they wouldn't change their attitudes. People are so selfish !

It is terrible. So many wasted lives, so many missed opportunities.
It is time the Philippines put its act together and start caring for the poor people.


Ms Mila: I forgot already. I think i bought her the cake. The child can only take so many disappointments in her life, 'di po ba?

The talking Mute: What we should ingrain in ourselves really is to be happy and thankful with what we already have. Only then can a culture of charity begin.

Sidney: You have shot far more poignant photos than this. But yes, your line "so many wasted lives" did make me want to cry. It is all very disappointing.