Thursday, August 23, 2007


We ended our Cubao sojourn with a visit to Cubao's newest food landmark - Alan's Grill - here at the Cubao Expo, formerly Marikina Shoe Expo. The renaming of MAREX bodes well for the shops here because the word "Marikina" can be misleading. Anyway, if you happen to get lost in this area and find yourself in Cubao Expo, you may want to rest your tired feet here at Alan's Grill. For those in the know, it is right across Bellini's, formely the only reason to go to MAREX aside from the art shops which are mostly open by appointment only. Alan's Grill is akin to homecooked Pinoy fare - very generous and very good. The prices are very affordable, too. Nothing beats having a great meal surrounded by art (which are for sale) and good company.

The owner, Alan Flores, chats with Jeanette.

A repainted antique bike catches my attention. Behind it is a Japanese pinball machine. The stairs lead to the 2/F which seats 50 pax. It can be rented out for private parties.

Are egg trays becoming the norm in avant garde design?

Rice to the occassion! We finished two bandehados of this!

Beef shank to the rescue. Very tender! Your spoon can cut through it without effort.

One for the books. At only Php 380, a group can already splurge on this one and not have the strength to stand up after! There's a quarter chickn, liempo, several pieces of shrimp and shells, grilled eggplants and mango-tomato salad, and squid!

Alan's friend left him a cache of old books, mostly medical ones which now line the alcove.

Art is what you're having for dinner!

Surprises at every corner.

Nice touch, 'di ba?

Wicker chairs add comfort to the warm surroundings. I love the wooden floors. The legs of the tables are actually balustrades taken from old houses.

The bar. The grill is outside the restaurant so the smell won't cling to your clothes.

Heck, even the lavatory sink! Someone had the temerity to draw a face over the artwork.

The lavatory door handle. Again, sadly, it is unisex.

More artworks inside. These are already owned by Alan.

A really good one by Deng Bitancol (c. 1996). Fridays are the best time to visit as it is Oysters Night. For now, the promotional price is just Php 100/head. A band will also be performing.

We look well-fed! Photo taken by Alan himself. Kakahiya naman po!

Alan's Grill
Cubao Expo
Cubao, Quezon City
Tel. No. 913.2231 for reservations


They forgot to make posters of two other Directors who they also honored in Manila. Oh well. It's still Hollywood over Asia.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Had lunch at Cafe Bola with friends in their first shop in the metro, here at the ground floor of the Araneta Coliseum. I miss coming here and will eat here as often as I am in Cubao. You can find this if you exit from the back of the Gateway Mall via Rustan's. It is right beside Starbucks. They have another shop, however, in Greenbelt 2. Unfortunately, it has been downsized. Prices here are the usual Manila rates: Php 100 and above. Not bad at all for such a wonderful place.

The egg tray ceiling.
When here, veer away from the boring and try their delightful kamias shake.

Although I heard this mocha drink is great, too.

A permanent photo exhibit of the Coliseum's construction adorn the walls. The owner of Cafe Bola is an Araneta, Ms. Gaita Fores, who also owns other restos like Cibo and Pepato.

The kitchen and service area. Very clean. The only thing I don't like is the unisex lavatory.

For starters, you can amuse yourself with these nice, tasty, and crispy potato bits which they make themselves but go slow because the main orders actually take millenniums to arrive.

Cafe Bola's signature dish: adobo flakes with kesong puti!

Too bad the squid adobo wasn't available so Jeanette had salisbury steak instead.

Perps had carambola (one meatball each of pork, chicken and seafood) in green curry sauce on pasta. Amazing! This is my favorite in Cafe Bola.

I had tuna and tomato sauce. Not so bad. It does lack character though.

I forgot what this one was, but it took away our breaths for a bit. Mahros said it was some sort of banana pudding ("Good bread it is, but a pudding it ain't!")

The flourless chocolate cake. It tastes kind of weird in the beginning, like chewing on sweet mush, and then the chocolate comes around slowly like a surprise. I like surprises.

I think this is the sabanana crumble. It's heaven. I am putting it on the same level of Mocha Blend's banana caramel cake. It's really worth it coming back here again and again.

Cafe Bola
G/F Araneta Coliseum
Araneta Center, Cubao
Quezon City

That's Perps in the dress, then me, Joyce, Mahros in glasses, and Dr. Jeanette


The queue to Cinema 6 where VOLVER was to be screened was shockingly long! Never realized Pedro Almodovar had so many fans in Manila. We just got out of Cinema 7 10 minutes ago where we saw THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME.


Supertyphoon Egay was in its full swing when I decided to catch some films at the Cinemanila at Gateway. What better way to warm up than with a nice, hot bowl of miso soup at Teriyaki Boy? To be honest, I am not a huge fan of this place, but with a view like that above of Araneta Center, who could resist?

Teriyaki Boy Gateway Mall has a very cozy ambiance. Nice, comfortable couches line the window side for a fantastic view of Araneta Center.

I heart miso soup.

I heart kani salad, too!

Breaded pork with egg. Very filling.

Their california maki are big but not as fresh as I would have wanted them to be.
Sukiyaki with beef, noodles, veggies, and tofu. Very filling! Good for 3 people already.


Got myself a new wall clock. This already is my 3rd wall clock from VINTAGE POP. It reminds me so much of a rorschach ink blot.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Exhibit is until September. Entrance is Php 150. I am posting this to support Ruby. :o)


Be there! More information here.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Pupung & Friends restaurant at the Mall of Asia, their second branch. Their first branch is on Vito Cruz cor. Leon Guinto. Thanks to Tutubi Patrol for this information. I now recall that shop. Used to pass by it when I was a student at the Instituto.

A bestseller: chopped mango & diced tomatoes with bagoong!
A no-taster batchoy. Iba pa rin ang sarap nito sa Iloilo, lalo na sa La Paz!
While waiting for your food, you can amuse yourself by answering some of the games on the paper placemat.
The famously hilarious cartoon strip can be found everywhere - from seats to pillars to lamps!