Saturday, April 01, 2006


A reinvigorated promenade has risen from the old ferry terminal right across the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Aside from the lineup of nice restaurants (save for Dencio's, which must be the only horrible resturant of the lot!), the area has very wide spaces for lazy walks and it has a commanding view, not just of the main CCP building, but also of Manila Bay and the Manila Yacht Club.

For those interested to take day trips to the nearby historic island of Corregidor, this is where the ferries depart from. I will let you know of their rates and schedule next time I return.

Do visit this place on Sunday mornings and gush, gush, gush at the view of a calm, blue sea and white boats berthed at the Club, their sails flapping in the wind. If you are lucky, there'd be seagulls flying past as well. Amazing.

If only Manila were this clean and beautiful always...

Stanley Ho's Jumbo Palace can be seen at the end of the promenade. Note very neat walking paseo and over-sized chinese-inspired lamps (unfortunately unlighted ai this hour) where lovers find their places while taking in the awesome view

Restaurants from end to end...

Sensory overload...

Photos by Dylan Yap Gozum
Special thanks to Stephen Borja


PHaT :) said...

hey! lovely feature... haha, i'm a frequent visitor (and performer..ehem, yabang!) of the CCP.. and yes, the place across it is very lovely! i would always get a sip of coffee from starbucks facing the Manila Bay before the call time. you also bet it, Dencio's is way ripped off! there was this one time I ate there with 2 of my friends, and we spent Php2000 just for 2 grilled squids, 2 tiny skewers of barbeque, rice and drinks, as far as i can remember. ain't worth it. regarding CCP, i'd like to invite you, Dylan to the interesting performances when i get compli tix if ever you are interested. :)
Support the Filipino Arts and culture. :)

Citizen of the World said...

Thanks for the offer, Phat, but if I were to really support the arts, I should learn how to buy my own tickets, hehe!

I do watch once in a while with friends from The Japan Foundation.