Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm finally coming home. Thanks to my cousin's husband, I was rebooked on a Jetstar flight and I'm happy because it flies to Manila during daytime, unlike 5J which sneaks into Manila while everyone else is still asleep. At least, got to experience the much-ballyhooed Changi Airport.

With 160 retail outlets and 80 restaurants, it sure beats the hell out of NAIA. It handles 35 millions passengers in 2006 and accounts for 4,054 flights per week. Terminal 3 is slated to open in January 2008. Will our own Terminal 3 open before then? Abangan!

Anyway, one thing you'd immediately notice is how similar Terminal 1 almost looks to NAIA 1, but that's where the similiarity ends. Already, lush foliage break the monotonous concrete and marble. Fresh orchids are everywhere and so are art works.

We had breakfast here and it was surprising that the price is the same with that of eateries in the city unlike in Manila where airport food prices triple. Pathetic! We were here at 4AM, check in counters for Manila opened by 6, and the flight home was late by 10 minutes because of the long queue at the runway.

My Jetstar flight was handled by a kababayan, a Filipino pilot with a Brit for a Second Officer. The landing in Manila, however, was very bumpy. Tsk. Not impressive for a Filipino pilot, he he! Arrived in Manila by 11.50 AM, got fetched by my cousin and went home to a lunch of lechon paksiw. Ugh. I really am home na talaga.

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kegler747 said...

Changi airport is really a foodie and shopper's paradise in its own right as there is a guarantee that what you purchase inside the airport has an identical or even lower price than its downtown counterparts.