Monday, June 25, 2007


The main lobby of NAIA 1. Fantastic woodwork on the ceiling. Massive and heavy-looking, the marble floors are part and parcel of the building's image. Their use are reminiscent of the period during which this airport was built and opened.

You can watch aircraft come and go from the airport's huge picture windows.
Waiting area. These are for Gates 2 & 3.
Japanese-style latrines at the NAIA 1.
Wala lang. I just want to post photos of the toilets of our NAIA.
Welcome to Singapore! Since there are no air bridges at the new Budget Terminal, passengers have to walk on the ground to enter the terminal and pass through this long, long walkway before you reach the arrival area. Very basic. No frills.
Arrival area. Only two airlines use this terminal for now: Tiger Airways of Singapore and Manila's Cebu Pacific Air. Other budget airlines, however, refused to use it, i.e. Jetstar. Will post more photos of the facade before I return to Manila.

Departure Area. It's really just a huge warehouse.

There's one restaurant here so passengers can opt not to buy food onboard.
5J also flies to Cebu and Davao from Singapore!


nina said...

Bilib ako ah, you were able to make NAIA 1 look almost decent lol

Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Uy! I was just there last week! I didn't realize that that latrine is a Japanese-style latrine. Akala ko yung Indian seat ang Japanese style, hindi pala.