Saturday, June 30, 2007



Little India


Clark Quay

My stay here was extended because of stupidity on my part in misinterpreting the time 0040 on my flight ticket to Manila so here I am staying one extra day in Singapore. Ayaw siguro talaga ako pauwiin.

There's a small altar to Ganesh on almost every corner here in Little India.

Ganesh galore!!!!

Detail of the temple facade.

Here, many shops like these have undergone major renovations...

Beautiful, 'no? I would love to live in one.

Very Singapore... A most recognizable symbol after the Merlion.

It was sooo hot that the sight of this man selling Thai coconuts was a welcome treat indeed.

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Perky Perps said...


Just keeping me updated with your recent escapade in Singapura!!!!

Wow!!!! Ang ganda!

I love Little India ha? And Clark Quay too!

Oh gawd, the food too! They're katakam-takam!

Hmmm...makapunta na nga sa Singapore...