Thursday, June 28, 2007


Welcome to Vivo City, Singapore's newest - and largest - mall. It officialy opened last December 2006. Because of land restrictions, it still is no match for our very own Mall of Asia, which is the 3rd largest in the world.
Does this look similar to that in a certain mall in Manila? :-)
Vivo uses a lot of natural light to brighten the mall. The electricity saved is used for the airconditioning instead as Singapore is terribly, terribly humid.

On the 5th level, there's a park of the most unusual things you'd ever see. Also, you can see the newest way to go to Sentosa: The Sentosa Express. The latter us coming up next on this edition of Superpasyal Abroad. Anyway, the hot, hot weather got the better of me and luckily I chanced upon this Japanese-owned ice cream stand. You choose your flavors and they dump the entire pint inside that funky machine and churn it out on a cone like so. So cool! I got the blueberry. Sarap!

The machine reminds me of the Chocolate Factory.

Lunch was in a Sarawak restaurant at the basement of the mall. Very filling for only SGD 3,40!

There still was some leftover spirit from the just-concluded Great Singapore Sale and TANGS is just the perfect place to drop by while you're here. A truly fantastic store. You can stay here the whole day and not get bored.

Split bamboo for lamps over the escalator area. Very ingenious.

These things will really, really sell in Manila especially those posters up there!
Got myself some really cool shirts at half the price. Regular price is SGD 56. Haayy. The half price is still the regular price in Manila.

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