Thursday, June 28, 2007



National University of Singapore (NUS)
NUS Cultural Center
NUS Museum
Vivo City


Sentosa Island Resort
Vivo City

Last night, I decided to stay home after two days of non-stop tour of this city. It was too much for my poor feet. Anyway, at least I had the time to blog. Super special thanks to my cousin for making this trip possible. :-)

When I knew I was finally coming here, I made an itinerary which included, among the usual tourist attractions, some which are not. Anyway, discovering a city really depends on your interests. If you just want to shop here, then you just spend days in Singapore's many malls. if you want to just eat, the choices are mind-boggling. Let's just say that I wish to follow the least taken path.

My first stop on my 3rd day is the National University of Singapore. My curousity arose from my wanting to compare it to our own national university, as well as to visit it's more-than-50- years-old musem.

With our Filipino host at the NUS (Maraming salamt po!), we had breakfast at a nearby Indian restaurant called Cheese Roti Prata at Kent Ridge Road. I am already familiar with these foods because I reviewed Banana Leaf in Manila for a magazine. Anyway, the food was good and rather filling. And very affordable, too. This is my first ever meal in an Indian resto managed and staffed by Indians.

Ham and cheese prata with curry sauce.

Nasi mutton

That's mutton, veggies and rice wrapped in an egg blanket.
Students from nearby NUS also come here. There are also other restaurants in this area.


Rick said...

wow, tlangang kinarir mo ang pamamasyal ha :P

Photowalker said...

Nice shots. Making me hungry.