Thursday, May 03, 2007


The reason for flying to Bacolod was to attend the wedding of a very, very good (and much missed) friend, Loujeane Gamboa. She was a former classmate and it's been 6.9 years since the last time we saw each other. Another friend, Kate Cadalin who hails from Dumagete, bussed to Bacolod to be with her bro, Sen, who is marrying Louj. A lilliputian reunion of friends, if you may. You know, it get's kinda weird meeting up with old friends because, well, there isn't much to talk about except the past and then, there's the really unnecessary remarks about how old everyone has become (like we need reminding). Also, it feels so weird to attend a wedding I didn't design or decorate. Well...

Anyway, Sen and Louj, we wish you both happy times and a good life ahead! Kate, you're so next in line!!!

The shocker pica pica came in the form of chicken skin - deep fried to cardiac-arresting goodness. Only in Bacolod! Needless to say, siya ang naubos agad ahead of everything else.

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Sidney said...

Kate, you're so next in line.

Kate.... or is it not your turn? ;-)
Wonderful pictures.