Thursday, May 03, 2007


When in Bacolod, one must never, never, never miss out on the chance to eat chicken inasal. Inasal is a generic term for any meat that's broiled or grilled. It usually applies to chicken and pork. Beef inasal, of course, is unheard of in the Visayas.

In front of Manokan Country, a threat looms on the horizon - another SM Mall. It probably has opened by now.
Fresh chicken marinated in sinamak - a local vinegar concoction
The reason for their juiciness and tenderness upon serving is that meat is cooked only when ordered. In Manila and elsewhere, meat is half-cooked, then returned to the grill when someone orders hence the meat comes out dry and tough.
My intuition guided me to this shop...
Oysters at Php 30/plate. We had a larger serving in Iloilo for the same price, bah!
Service De Luxe. They manicure while you wait for your meal to be served.
A newspaper clipping from the Philippine Star written by chef / cake artist Heny Sison
The vinegar with chilies is sinamak while the other one is the infamous chicken oil. Readers of this blog encountered this first in my Boracay Trip Report.
Toyo, sinamak and sili. The best sawsawan! By the way, in the Visayas, "toyo" is actually fish sauce or what we all know as patis. If you want patis, say "Rufina". Soy sauce is finally gaining popularity in this area.

The best chicken inasal in the world! (as if may iba pa...)


inasalFanatic said...

interesting blog. I haven't been to bacolod, but with Bacolod Chicken Inasal here in the Metro(manila). It's like being there without even having to leave your table. The taste? simply heaven-like. I would like to encourage those people who hasn't yet tried it yet. Try to visit their official website at and see where the neareast branch is to your place. Enjoy

inasalFanatic said...

Mr/Ms Blog owner, could please also feature Bacolod Chicken Inasal? im a loyal customer and i have nothing against other inasal restaurants out there. It might just be of a great interest for your other bloggers to see the good stuffs of Bacolod Chicken Inasal... I'll anticipate for that one.. Thanx a lot . God Bless

Anonymous said...

( the best and original chicken inasal in manila

Harry Tan said...

Bacolod Chicken Inasal is still the the best chicken Inasal house in Manila. They really cook their dishes very well mmm yummy!!!