Friday, May 11, 2007


I finally attended Ivan ManDy's Binondo Food Wok. I was with birthday girl Joyce and Mahros (also a friend from work) decided to join us after she was done getting her fill of books at the Dia del Libro at Instituto Cervantes. I was supposed to bring Mom with me, but she passed away last February so I am taking this tour for us both. She would have loved doing this wok, er, walk.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal much here out of respect for Ivan's business. Suffice to say that I couldn't feel my legs after the four-hour walk. For those weak of heart, I need to advise you that Ivan doesn't believe in pedestrian lanes ("They don't exist", he quips). He will cross at will and the only thing that saved our lives was that small Philippine flag he stops vehicles with (By the way, that flaglet needs changing!) Somehow doing that - crossing the street at will - went against my personal belief in following the rules even if others won't pero 'di bale na. And that speaker-radio can be quite a distraction, but nevertheless it was a whole lot of fun (especially when we came upon Carlos Celdran along Escolta).

At any rate, I guess it would be better if you take the tour yourself if only to be able to eat the following, among many other things:

1.) Soup and drink (will remain un-identified here)

2.) This egg. Bahala ka na to figure out what animal it belongs to. Remember, not only chickens and ducks produce eggs, ha!

3.) This yummy siopao. The shop we got it from refused to be photographed. Ugh! Malacañan, ikaw ba yan?!
4.) And finally, to cap it all off: fresh lumpia with a nice background story.

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nina said...

I've taken Ivan's tour before, and yes, it was so worth it!

I was able to take a picture of that fried siopao place... primarily because I wasn't listening lol

Nako, nagutom tuloy ako.

iFred said...

how come that egg is black. is that balut?

Sidney said...

I recommend Ivan Mandy's tours! I had a great time discovering Binondo with him during one of his tours.

Citizen of the World said...

Nina, welcome back! How have you been?

iFred, it's a secret. Can't reveal it here as it will spoil the surprise.

Sidney, yes! It was so much fun although my feet go so tired.