Friday, May 11, 2007


While waiting for the tour of Ivan ManDy to begin, me and two lady friends decided to drop by this place besides the Binondo Church on Ongpin. It's obvious na hindi na masyado pinagisipan ang name ng resto probably because the dumplings were tasty enough to "speak" for themselves so what the heck for is the need for a fancier name, right? Or is this one of those funny (literal) translations again? At any rate, it does capture your attention and it's almost always full of people especially at dinnertime.

You can wash down your dumplings with warm soya milk...

or kundol juice. I think it's called winter melon in English. I find this too sweet.

Taraaan! Dumplings, North China style (am I right?). It comes with a sawsawan that looks like fish sauce but it's sweet. Can be very filling (the dumpling, not the sauce). I can finish only 4-5 of these. Seriously! *glares back at yah*

They have a pretty extensive menu. And oh, you can bring home frozen versions of the dumplings above (either plain pork or kuchay) and plop it in boiling water and serve it at home. A box of 36 costs only Php 210. Not bad, not bad.
What I love about Binondo are the occassional gems like stores named in a rather amusing manner (either with a special meaning or something got lost in the translation). Tasty Dumplings is no exception. After all, the holding company that runs it is called Better Taste Restaurant. Hmmmmm..... *grins*

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