Monday, April 30, 2007


We are now moving towards the tail end of summer. Pretty soon the rains of La Niña would be upon us. A lot of bloggers are, I am sure, already collecting memory cardsful of photos, most especially that of the recently concluded ALIWAN Fiesta at the CCP Complex. I didn't because I couldn't. Yeah, one of those days I wish I had two bodies (or more!).

For my next series, I will be posting some photos from my Bacolod-Iloilo trip next time (enough na muna of Cagayan de Oro! He he!). These are not new photos, but I will be moving them here from my personal blog for your enjoyment. By the way, I was feeling generous lately so I gave away my phone to Evil Cab Drivers Anonymous. If you wish to have my number, please let me know so I can rebuild my phonebook (Email me at Thanks so much!

For now, where to go next? What else am I missing? Any suggestions?

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Ferdz said...

Ayus sa pose ah. Pengeng Ice Tea.

I think I have a nice suggestion. Check my latest post. :)