Friday, April 20, 2007


Had the chance to finally visit the Palace for the very first time without having to join a walking tour. This was courtesy of the Presidential Commission on Values Formation which was having an activity here at the Malacañan Museum grounds. Next time, I wish to join Ivan Mandy's Palace Tour so i can get in. I doubt it if they allow photos to be taken when inside (you know how paranoid people can be these days) but suffice to say that I was awestruck to be here, even if I was only able to stay for an hour or so.

Until the next visit then! I hope to capture something more substantial. For now, these will suffice.

Is that the same balcony from which the Marcoses made their final appearance? Just asking. Nice detailing here. An American eagle over the escudo of Spanish Manila. Were it not for the capiz windows, the building wouldn't even look like it belonged to an Asian country.

Detail. The logo of the Republic.

Museum staff.


Anonymous said...

i didn't know the palace was that nice. i especially like the details.

Anonymous said...


Its a very uniqe Asian-colonial fusion, if you look at the kapis windows, you'd never find that in any palace in Spain or Europe for that matter.

tutubi said...

hay sana ako rin makapsok dyan someday...

too frustrated with picture ban on pasig ferries :(