Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I read about Ten Titas from Lori's blog and I was intrigued ever since. Wait, before that, SUPRPASYAL sends its warmest congratulations to Lori for winning at the recently concluded 2007 Philippine Blog Awards. You truly deserve it.

Ten Titas has a very warm ambience owing to the fact that it is located near a glass wall of Araneta's Gateway Mall. But when I saw 'warm, that's not exactly what I meant. The use of wood and rattan against empty white and green walls provide a nice contrast and the whole look comes out very clean and streamlined without taking away the homey feeling. After all, this business is a family affair. Ten Titas, of course, means ten Aunts who concocted the resto's offerings. Sounds cool, huh! But methinks that's where the problem starts.

The menu is composed of entrees from the personal kitches of ten aunts so you can imagine how extensive the choices are. It would take a first timer around 20 minutes going through the menu alone. Good thing one doesn't have to wait too long to enjoy the food or else...

Overall, I think it's work visiting again in order to experience the other things we missed out on our first visit.

Cocido. Cocido is to Spain what Coq au Vin is to France. I always say never order something you can do better at home, but I just had to try their version!

The ubiquitous lengua. No restaurant can call itself good if it flunks in this department. This one is rich and creamy, and the meat is just soft and tender! It definitely isn't your usual lengua estofada!

Somebody in the kitchen was very generous with salt so we didn't enjoy this as much. Sayang.

Nice touch. Staff wear bags so they can bring things they use often everywhere they go. Inside the bag are the following: pen, paper for orders taking, and cleaning implements. At least it doesn't look as bad as those in fastfood joints where you can see the basahan (wet rag) hanging out from the crew's behind.

Hmmm... It's good that restos are finally discovering other uses for tanglad, that grass that is very common the Visayas used to stuff chicken and lechon. This time, tanglad is reincarnated as a cool drink albeit a tad too sweet for my taste.

Desserts come last. Ten Tita's version of the classic halo-halo, complete with fried crepe to top it all off.


Rick M. said...

Pare, salamat sa comment ha. Sana next year magkita na tayo sa Phil Blog awards ha :)

Rick M. said...


Wrong choice of word. Notable pala dapat hehe.


By the way, thanks to think review, baa i-try ko yung lengua one of these days.

Rick M. said...

yeah small world. so dona manuela ka? nagpapaburn ka raw ng cds doon sa shop?

Rick M. said...

yes i did. hehe. small world! hey i was hoping to meet you in the flesh sana. i admire your photos a lot.

what on earth are you doing in a call center? (coz you mentioned your in the BPO industry) diba doctor ka? :)

i used to be with siemens in eastwood. ikaw?

Sidney said...

Looks yummy and beautiful at the same time!

Senor Enrique said...

Must try their lengua one of these days! Thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

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