Thursday, November 24, 2005


"We do not have the same Dior, darling. Mine is Dior. Yours is eBay." - Bryanboy

Manila's denizens are quite an interesting lot, but once in a while someone really entertaining (or hateful, depending on your persuasions) comes along to liven up what could be a boring metropolis.

And God created (wo)man. And the (wo)man's name is Bryan: Le Superstar Fabuleux.

With a blog that claims to chronicle the "Adventures of the new-moneyed classess (sic) bitch from hell. Vulgarity is the new discreet. Trash is the new exclusivity. Third world has never been this *burp* chic. You just have to scroll down as in down!", has risen to stellar status via this famous pose copied the world over.

Indeed, if anything, we can always look forward to a good laugh once in a while. And this I say in an unapologetic and irreverent manner worthy of Manila characters like Bryanboy.

(I have this weird feeling I'm going to be stoned to death by doing this post...)

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