Friday, November 18, 2005


We are a country obsessed with beauty and what better way to show this obsession than the holding of annual - and several - beauty pageants! While recent pageants already include men, the pageants for women still capture the imagination of oh-so-many female wannabes all over the islands. Of course many still couldn't get over the Philippines' recent win in the Miss International pageant. After all, we waited for this for 26 years!

But before we had Bb. Pilipinas, Miss Earth and what have you, there only was one beauty pageant held in the Philippines way back decades ago - the search for the the one and only Manila Carnival Queen!

Here are the photos of the winners during the 1952 Manila Carnival.

Her Majesty, The 1952 Manila Carnival Queen (What's with the Thai-inspired outfit?)

Ms. Roalinda Lim, Miss Luzon

Miss Visayas

Ms. V. Lopez, Miss Mindanao

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Ingkung said...

These are actually the winners of the 1932 Manila Carnival. Back then, they had themed coronations--ranging from Russian, Hindu-Arabic and in this year's edition--Siamese. And whatever became of the Queen and her court? Miss Mindanao Violeta Lopez had been a contestant in 1930 and had been a frontrunner, but withdrew because she was asked to parade in a swimsuit. 2 years after, she rejoined when the controversial swimsuit judging was nixed, and placed 4th. Miss Visayas Aleli Guzman went to UP medical school and became a noted doctor. Miss Luzon Rosalina Lim married a British citizen. Emma Zamora, the top winner, had a fabulous reign, meeting presidents and royalty, but died young at the height of the war, due to childbirth complications. She was only in her early 30s.