Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Work on the Grand Old Dame of Philippine Theatres, the Met, has finally started. Located across Plaza Arocerros (which is now nowehere to be found because of the flyovers), it was built in 1926 using the design of Juan Arellano (later National Artist) and recognised as a significant historical and architectural building, the structure being a unique blend of American Art Deco and Philippine design which included floral motifs and stucco patination

The President issued a directive in 2002 paving the way to the revival of the Metropolitan Theater to give the masses access to cultural activities. This is in line with her plans of making art "folksy". Hmmm...i certainly have heard that before.

Philippine Night at The Met, September 12, 1934 (From the collection of the USS Henderson, US Navy) . Notice the distinct art deco details of the walls and the chandelier

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