Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Okay, so my blog isn't named GUTS. GRIT. GUMPTION. for nothing. Here's a challenge for Manila denizens:

Let me know how you'd spend a day in Manila with only Php 500 (this would entail a entire day of gimmick with friends). I'd be doing my own with photos and cost breakdown to boot.

Contributors (Your own experience!) to this challenge are welcome.


Sidney said...

You want me to spend Php 1000 in one day in Mnl? I can already do a lot with only Php 100 ! Maybe this challenge is for my wife :-)

Citizen of the World said...

I will reduce this to Php 500 as I realized Php 1000 is just too much for one day!

aleq said...

Because I am from Rizal...

12 - tricycle (back and forth)
70 - fx (back and forth)
80 - SM Movie House - orchestra
50 - regular yum value meal (Jollibee)
3pcs 100 - Video CD on "Sale" "halughog to the max"

ed said...

P500 for a dvd marathon is more than enough, each disc costs P60 in quiapo.

Sidney said...

Quiapo is probably becoming the cheapest place to buy pirated DVDs. Aleq is from Rizal and Php 100 is something I also paid in other places in Manila.

Citizen of the World said...

Quiapo is just a horrible place to buy DVDs. All that jostling and sweat!

If you intend to shop, at least shop in style, ha ha ha! Try out the DVD shops in Carriedo in that bldg right next to the LRT Carriedo exit (forgot the name, sorry!).

They sell them there at Php 60 each, with TV testers to boot. Shop in air-conditioned comfort!!!

tetet said...

i'm from las pinas:

start around 9 am
7.50 - jeepney ride to main road

40 - fx to manila go down in intramuros / do intramuros walking tour [10 am to 12 nn]

10 - bottled water to quench thirst
15 - merienda [in tiendas anywhere in intramuros]

1 pm
29 - KFC chickensteak meal [w/o drinks] for lunch
25 - softdrinks

2 pm
7.50 - jeepney ride to robinson's faura / go malling

60 - buy smart eload

4 pm Merienda

25 - McDo sundae
35 - McDo large fries
[eto lang gusto ko merienda]

5 pm walk to Roxas Blvd / Baywalk to watch sunset

6 pm onwards Watch free shows / gigs at Baywalk

7 pm have dinner at Anthology by the Bay

18 - barbeque [2 pcs]
16 - rice [8*2]
15 - coke in can
80 [?] - sisig!

9 pm go home / start walking toward Taft Avenue

38 - bus to las pinas
15 - special trip tricycle to home

if i'm not mistaken, Php 436 lang! o may sukli pa! pwede pang maglight and sound show sa intramuros! may bayad ba yun?

Citizen of the World said...

Ha ha ha! Was rolling on the floor with glee with your story and cost breakdown, Tetet. Say, I'm just down at Doña Manuela. Where are you in LP exactly?

Maybe minsan let's hang out with the guys who leave comments here at GUTS. GRIT. GUMPTION.!