Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The hall's lobby. Take note of painted ceiling and details. This was the thing that almost made me want to keel over the moment I entered this Hall. I was here last January to execute a design for the stage of the homecoming show for St. Scholastica's 100th year.

Now I know how the Metropolitan Theater must have looked like in its heydey. I wish they finish work on that very soon. If the nuns can do it, the government can too. (Yeah, right!)

Entrance to the theater. Flanked by two staircases that lead to wings. The bas relief above depict brother-sister tandem Saints Benedict and Scholastica. Note G cleft as door handles. The Latin word for peace, PAX, is found atop the crowned wooden door.

Detail. A cherub on every post. Note hand-painted details.

Detail. Floor design.

Detail. Sunburst as handle of main door.

Detail. All-glass door of lavatory for males.
Detail. St. Cecilia, patron saint of music.

Stage floor is made of kamagong, a precious Philippine hardwood.

This theater comfortably seats 900 people.

Detail. Dressing room.

Detail. Cherubs on chandelier.

The lobby's main crystal chandelier.
St. Cecilia's Hall facade at night.


Ferdz said...

Very impressive ang interiors pati details ng decor sa loob, very intricate.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great entry! Saint Cecilia's stunning! My school was VERY close to that theater and Ive always known it to be a Deco gem (at least from the outside) Its my first time to see the interiors and I love it! Shades of FEU...but I think this has more remarkable details.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why such treasure always have to be kept away from the prying eyes of the public when they can be used to instill some pride among the citizens of the community.

Citizen of the World said...

Ferdz, sobrang ganda talaga. Bumagsak ata panga ko sa floor.

Ivan, so happy that you are able to visit again! I am glad to give you a chance to finally see it inside. I am lucky to be there too and see it for myself. How have you been?

Ivan Man Dy said...

Nope, never been but have actually walked around the campus of Saint Scholalistca. I forced one of my alumna friends there back in college to give me a private tour but that didnt include the theater.

It's features like this which make me keep comming back to your site. ;o)