Sunday, February 25, 2007


I attended and celebrated Mass at the Mary Queen of Peace Shrine (aka EDSA Shrine) lately and took photos again. I did the same thing last year, but I am featuring the interiors in this entry (except for the paintings which will come next year!). This place is very special to many Filipinos for obvious reasons, although I am not quite sure if many still feel the same fervor that they showed years ago when they were marching on EDSA. The image of an Asian Mary, by the late sculptor Virginia Ty-Navarro, evokes a certain feeling of oneness with Our Lady.

As for me, I still recall our entire school (Don Bosco Pampanga, then in Bacolor) being asked to contribute to build this Shrine. It still feels different attending the service here.

This, after all, is hallowed ground.

The floating glass Risen Christ by National Artist for Sculpture Ramon Orlina. The altar is by National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Next time, I'd feature art works individually and give credit to their creators.

The one major design flaw of the Shrine: obstructed view of the altar. Naku, baka magalit sa akin si Architect Francisco Mañosa.

Dove of Peace by Manny Casal. Let peace rule over this land, Oh Lord.


Ferdz said...

Ang ganda ng stained glass!

Tama ka naman eh. Obstructed nga. Hehehe

Sidney said...

Indeed, beautiful!

Citizen of the World said...

Thanks Ferz and Sidney!

tutubi said...

hmmm you didn't mention the work of Nemiranda here but then again the church is again partially obscured by the interchange.

it has a nice, adoration chapel also

sonofpriam said...

nice photos.

i must admit that i have never been inside the EDSA shrine chapel (since i am not a catholic).

i have to give credits to your photos. indeed, it shows how rich the filipino arts and culture is!