Wednesday, February 28, 2007


On my way home via Avenida Rizal, I almost stumbled when I saw this on Madison's, one of many stores lining this busy promenade. One can almost gag while reading this announcement featuring the store's low, low, low (as if 1 'low' isn't enough) prices.

"Earth to Madison's, any plans of having that banner grammar checked?!"


eye said...

hahaha! this is really funny, esp. with that girl staring at something above her. great humour on this capture :D welcome to compare, earth to madison's, hihihi!

Nick said...

Hey Dylan.

Yes, I'm back.
I used to pass by Madison's. They really have inexpensive stuff there. I'm amazed that they're still open.
I really miss Rizal Avenue.


Citizen of the World said...

Eye, thanks so much for the visit! Yes, that banner totally made my day!

Nick, welcome back! Welcome, welcome home. I love your new story!