Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It will surprise any first-time visitor of Binondo to find a low-keu restaurant in the middle of shops along Nueva Street. But make no mistake about it, Sincerity Restaurant turned 50 years old last September 2006! They moved to their present location from Carvajal 20 years ago. For this trip, prepare Php 400 - 600 for 2-3 persons.

A refreshing start would be Black Gulaman (somehow, by default, you'd always end up ordering it) and Ngohiong.

Sincerity is never empty so be prepared to wait for a table. If you are coming from Sta. Cruz and came here by calesa, the cochero may offer to wait until you're done and bring you back to Sta. Cruz. You may want to give him food, by the way.
The one and only... The star of the resto is Sincerity Chicken. What makes it different from the usual butter chicken?
Golden hue. Warm rice.
The side plate. Brocolli and beef.

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unicorn6603 said...

Their foods are great! especially fried chicken and oyster omelette.
Also, they got herbal foods, to boost immune system like 4 herb duck soup,for the more adventurous.