Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Visited the recently re-developed Hidalgo Street in Manila. Traditionally home to shops selling supplies to photographers, it has become decrepit until it was renovated recently. Now you can visit it again and not worry much about checking your belongings every so often. Be careful, however, on your way there. The surrounding environs is a mess.


Sidney said...

Maybe it is hard to understand but I loved the mess before. Not particularly the one in Hidalgo Street but the whole neighborghood. It was the place of amazing sights, people and things.
A very colorful place. It still is but it lost a bit of its original character.
Not everything should look like Makati... I guess you understand what I mean. The Mc Donald is the same all over the world. I like places with their own individuality.

nina said...

Whoa! If it wasn't for the camera stores, I wouldn't think that was Hidalgo.

Teka, saan na ko kakain ng 5 klaseng pancit?

Citizen of the World said...

Sidney, i totally understand what you mean. I was simply trying to express a dream - a cleaner, more organized Manila. :-)

Nina - sa kabila, sa hanay ng Excelente!