Tuesday, November 07, 2006


What better way to celebrate my birthday than spend it in Manila, the City of our Affections? I brought some friends from the office to an impromptu walking tour of Binondo (No, no plans whatsoever of taking over Ivan Dy and Carlos Celdran) and had dinner at Estero. Wonderful day!

Wish me luck. Lucsious persimmons for sale.
Along Ongpin. Patience is required when weaving your way in and out of dense vehicular and human traffic.
It's that time of the year. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
Pockets of altars can be found in some Binondo streets.

Yosi break at the Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz (formerly Calderon de la Barca). The brass statue of San Lorenzo (Is it a Castrillo?) can be seen here.
When was the last time you went past these streets?

Ang calesa ay pambayang sasakayan... A calesa ride is always a welcome (and surprise) treat. Support our cocheros, please. Ride a calesa today. And try not to overload like so (only 2 passengers per calesa allowed).
The girls posing in front of the ube firetruck of Eng Bee Tin


Sidney said...

You were in nice company!
Happy belated birthday !

iskoo said...

gusto ko yung last shot, magagandang dilag sa makulay na firetruck, parang bagong bagong pintura lang :)