Monday, July 31, 2006


Tapa King - CCP Branch

Was here while waiting for the matinee performance of Virgin Labfest 2. Best for breakfast or afternoon snacks, Tapa King gives you all-time favorite Pinoy meals - oily, heavy, filling! Liempo (pork belly) is at Php 105, Tapa King at Php 110 and to spare yourselves the guilt of taking a few years off your lives, flush the cholesterol all the way with a refreshing tropical smoothie made of several fruits (Php 120 - good for 2 or 3 persons). Mabuhay!

*grimaces and clutches chest*


Cyber Agnes said...

I guess this is the local version of Burger King.

Citizen of the World said...

He he he! I never thought of it that way.

Anonymous said...


I'm seeing sailboats in one of your pictures. Are these recreational boats in the Philippines?

Citizen of the World said...

Hello, anonymous! Yes, those are privately owned sailboats at the Manila Yacht Club, Asia's oldest.