Monday, May 29, 2006


Behind the obvious poverty in the area, the decay and neglect, the smells and the aromas, the pandemonium of colors and products, the day-to-day living of several thousands of people who make up this place, Divisoria will continue to reinvent itself as Manila's prime bargain shopping center.


Marie said...

I was in the Manila just this January and my friend brought me to Divisoria. We went inside one of the building and there was air conditioning there which helps a lot. I didn't get cranky or nauseous, in fact I really enjoyed myself and was able to get lots of pasalubongs to take back home in SF. I can't remember the name of that building but next time I would try the streets for an authentic Divisoria experience.

I really enjoy your makes me feel so homesick. I want to go back soon. Take care.

Dylan Yap Gozum said...

Marie, I am glad the blog has made you feel that way. That's okay. There will be more chances to come home soon :-)

Maybe you went to Tutuban, but I declare that the new 168 Mall is far more comfortable (and their food court is just amazing).

- Dylan