Friday, May 05, 2006


If and when you find yourself visiting the University of the Philippines' Diliman Campus, do not fail - for pain of missing a third of your life - to dine at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe. The food is very good, the place has this cozy University feel about it (something akin to "home" and "homey"), and soothing live music from an in-house pianist. There always would be an ongoing exhibit of some sort for new artists - paintings and photos adorn the walls.

Don't be turned off by the chocolate-colored plastic chairs though. This, after all, is UP- no need to look for frills. Be happy for the good food (at oftentimes friendly prices, too), the good company (with the occassional theatre or film people walking in), and the feeling of being home.

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is located on the G/F and the 2/F of the UP Bahay Alumni. Turn left from the University main entrance. It is right behind the UP Film Center. I believe they have opened a new shop on Roces, too.

No, I do not know the owners.

Tomato Soup (Php ?) - like no other
Piglets (Php 115) - Hungarian sausage slices wrapped in bacon
Chicken Lollipops (Php 100++)
Chicken a la Kiev (Php 100++)
Spicy shrimps (Php 200++)
Spare ribs ? (Php 100++) - very dry. Must have been reheated
Lemon Rind Cake (I think). Too sour but we definitely loved the Prune Cake


Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Uy! Chokiss! Miss ko na iyan! Nakakain din ako diyan a few times during my stint in UP. Favorite kong orderin yung Chicken Fingers, sarap ng sauce noon eh. Plus the desserts are amazing as well...


Sidney said...

Did you ate all this? ;-)

Citizen of the World said...

Ha ha! No, Sidney. There were three of us after watching a play :-)

cielo said...

next time you visit, try the Devil's Cake! that one is their best! :D