Friday, October 07, 2005


You know what you are missing. Come, come and get it!

Click on photo to enlarge: (from your right to left)

First Row
1.) Betamax - curdled pork blood cubes, cooked adobo style
2.) Balat - pork skin
3.) Tenga - pork ears
4.) IUD - chicken intestines (the new name is ISAW. Calling it IUD is just revealing my age!)
5.) Helmet - chicken heads
6.) Pitso - chicken thighs

Second Row
1.) Hotdog - ang walang kamatayang hotdog for children of all ages
2.) Pork BBQ - lean pork barbecue
3.) Baticolon - chicken gizzard
4.) Atay - chicken liver
5.) Wetpaks - chicken ass, he he he!
6.) Puso - chicken hearts tuhog-ed together. A lovely sight indeed.


nina said...

Isaw! Must go to UP one of these days


Nina, hey! Thanks for dropping by again :-)

BTW, I haven't heard from my application to Metroblogs. :-(

nina said...

ack! i forgot to ask sean! >_< will do so now :) btw, did you give this blog URL in your application?

Citizen of the World said...

yes, I did! :-) Thanks Nina!

nina said...

Hey Dylan, I got this email from Sean:
Sean Bonner wrote:
> Ah! He was approved back in August but has never responded to any
> e-mails. Please ask him to check his junk folder to see if the stuff
> we've sent him has been getting caught in there. Thanks!

Welcome to the Metroblog family ;)

Citizen of the World said...

Oh dear. I swear I've never received any :-(

nina said...

nyek! try emailing sean at err.. i can't remember his email addy. drop me a line nalang at evil . martian @ gmail . com :)

stef said...

hey, this is perfect for Lasang Pinoy! Could we link it up for the roundup? details on my blog -- click on the button that says "Lasang Pinoy"! yummy!

Citizen of the World said...

Stef, thanks for visiting my site. I do not wish to be part of LASANG PINOY because I don't post what I cook here (although I do cook at home).

Most of the blogs there are purely food blogs, which mine isn't.

However, I hope it's OK to link to your site. My main blog, Radioactive Adobo, is linked to several members of the roundup. Cheers to Lasang Pinoy!

iska said...

hi! i saw your link in pinoy cook's comment page. i was thinking of borrowing your very informative isaw picture as well as your banana republic photo....

Citizen of the World said...

Iska, hello. Sorry for the VERY delayed reply. Yes, you can borrow my ISaw photo. Just link it to my blog for reference. The banana photo is not mine. I'm not sure who owns it :-(

I've visited your blog many times before, by the way :-)