Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Had a bad time last Sunday. I was rushing to Antipolo from Gil Puyat Station when entire LRT 1 line stopped. Technical problems daw or something, and we were waiting in the train for what looked like 30 minutes. After asking the guard, I realized waiting longer would be a very bad idea. I decided to take the bus instead.

People waiting for word while standing (im)patiently outside the cars

On the bus, I saw these tricycles with Maranaw banners. They're doing a parade to remind everyone of the start of Ramadhan. Isn't living in Manila wonderful? :-)

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The Talking Mute said...

Train delay? Yes, that happens a lot here to with our Toronto subways due to technical difficulties, bomb scares (we have them too here) or somebody jumping into the tracks to commit suicide. There was a time that I had to wait for half an hour underground. Good thing, I'm not claustrophobic.