Sunday, October 23, 2005


I've always been fascinated by flight. Yes, I've said this several times before but in this entry, I'm featuring food being served on the national airline, Philippine Airlines. It's already like coming home even before you step off the aircraft.

Photos were taken by several passengers during the trip, and posted them on Airline Meals.Net.


Snacks (Snack pack consisting of custard-filled cake, cream-filled wafer sticks, and "Essen" cookie sandwiches) Iloilo to Manila (Joe Pallon)

Lobster thermidore and Beef short ribs with vegetables; Los Angeles - Manila, First Class (John Ling)

Lunch (Pre-meal crackers, appetizer of cold cuts & shrimp cocktail; main course was fish fillet with rice and steamed veggies), Singapore to Manila Business Class (J-H)

Breakfast (Cereal and fruits, Main Course- Longanisa sausage, tocino, garlic rice, and scrambled eggs), Manila to San Francisco (Darlene Litam)

Arroz Caldo, San Francisco to Manila (Darlene Litam)

You can see more food shots when you visit the site.


Sidney said...

This is a great idea to document the food in airplanes and that of Philippine Airlines in particular.

To be honest I tasted more the snack packs than the lobster thermidore... :-(

Citizen of the World said...

Thanks for visiting again, Sidney!

*grins* at snack packs. I recall that we used to buy the snacks when flying PAL during a certain period when they were down. Around early 80s or something. I still have the box which the snacks came in.