Thursday, October 06, 2005


Had to do two visits to the airport today. First, to fetch my Aunt who's flying in from a PMAP National Assembly in Cebu. Second, to fetch Mom who's flying in from Shanxi with connections to Hong Kong. She spent two rainy weeks travelling across Xian (home to the tera cotta soldiers of the Qin dynasty) on an official invitation from PLAN China.

Took photos along the way. Sorry for the bad quality. We were on the move.

We all remember the Nayong Pilipino, the first of its kind in Asia. Eventually copied by Indonesia and Thailand. It's been halved because of NAIA's runway widening. It will soon be relocated to Macapagal Boulevard (How does one cart off a replica of an entire country? Abangan!)

People my age (and older) will recall the Philippine Village Hotel, ordered built by Imelda Marcos to provide a hotel that's close to the airport. It's been closed for several years now.

Aunt Catherine, and my two other first cousins (Ate Elvira and Ma-an)

Lunch at Gerry's Grill, Blue Wave Park at the Macapagal Boulevard. Kuya Richard didn't look at the camera. Might as well, hmmmphf.

My Aunt, 'Mama' Louisa, looking terrible haggard from the 4-day conference

I just wanted to take a photo of the bar. Nice metal ribbons. don't you think?

Half of the soon-to-open SM Mall of Asia - Asia's largest mall for Asia's shopping-crazy people
Another view. Sorry for the sun.

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