Sunday, March 02, 2008


While waiting for dinner time, it was decided that a stroll through the newly opened Greenbelt V would be a nice way to get really hungry. Estimated to have cost 1 billion pesos to construct, G5 is a sight to behold. It's like a huge zen project. When we visited, more than ten (10) restaurants were already up and running. It's nice to see a Travel Cafe here (the other branchs are in Tokyo and Seoul; opened to promote the Philippines as a wellness destination to the Japanese). Myron's, known for its steaks, is also here. Seasoned restaurateur Gaita Fores wouldn't be left behind with Grace Park. Chateau 1771 finds a new home here as well at the ground floor near the Greenbelt Chapel. Personally, I am curious to try out Solihiya, John & Yoko, and Cafe Damaso (the latter looks cramped but the overall design - think Pinoy baroque - and little details, especially the silver candle stands on the counter, are what made it very attractive for me). There's a La Maison (not to be confused with La Maison du Chocolat of New York) that serves steaks. Very confusing branding to begin with, but I hope the food is outstanding just the same.

The fashion walk - all of 200 sq. m. of it - will be home to the world's most recognizable brands and the country's best coutouriers. I was surprised to find Cebu's very own Junjun Escario finally opening a shop in a mall in Manila. Congratulations, Junjun! You've truly come a long way.

Samples of lighting fixtures that are art pieces in themselves.
Even the garbage bag receptacle is not spared from the look. It has a very small opening though.
The centerpiece of this new mall is this stage-like area with very unusual lights and open spaces that looks like it's been designed for exhibitions. I think a fountain of sorts will be operational soon.

Detail. Lighting fixtures.

In other portions of the mall, the lighting becomes more dramatic and awesome. The mall is divided into several zones like Filipino Zone, Young Zone, and Family Zone. A spa and a gym will also open on the fourth floor.

Definitely, Manila's mall scene has become more exciting with the opening of Greenbelt V.


Rick said...

Ang ganda ng libhting fixtures nila no??

the donG said...

this mall is beautiful. been there.

Sidney said...

They allowed you to take pictures inside the building?
Lucky you!
By the way, nice picture! Without doubt a nice mall!

Citizen of the World said...

Rick: As in! Nakaka-aliw tingnan. Parang gusto ko mamitas ng ilaw.

The Dong: Eyeloveyourblog! Can I like you up? Thanks for dropping by!

Sidney: Guards saw me but they didn't stop me. Ayala has allowed photogs to take photos of their malls because it helps spread the word around. Talk about free marketing.

kegler747 said...

I'm working here in Makati pero di pako nakakapunta ng Greenbelt V. Will try to go there later :)

mai said...

When I left the Phils, greenbelt 5 was just recently opened. I had my farewell dinner there...I miss Greenbelt. I used to go there everyday, especially at Greenbelt 3 and 2. My yaya told me, greenbelt's my kitchen or my flat's annex coz i used to live there at Prince Plaza II.

it's a beautiful place!

Ms Charmed said...

Hey! Thanks for this post! I was wondering if there was any way I could get in touch with Junjun to ask for advice/info on opening up a store too? lol a lil strance, but would really appreciate it, thanks!

Anonymous said...

may i know if the green belt near in shopwise???????