Friday, January 18, 2008


Outside the cathedral, commerce thrives. Mention any familiar fastfood in Metro Manila, they're all here just hidden around the corner. It's just like being in Baguio or something except that the metro is just a minutes away from here by car or by jeepney.

Near the gate, I decided to light a brown candle with two human figures. The girl said this is for thanksgiving. Indeed, how apt - thanksgiving for the graces of 2007 and for those to come this new year.

Candles for all occassions. There are candles for all kinds of requests: Brown (thanksgiving), Yellow (health), White ("kahilingan" or request), blue (peace), green (business). The multicolored ones are for the family. Cute.


When in Antipolo, tourists think only of two things to bring back home to loved ones: kasuy (cashew nuts) and suman (rice cakes wrapped in coconut leaves).

This is my all-time favorite. It's been roasted with the skin on so it's nutty and with a slight bitterness to it, too. And it's not oily like what happens to peanuts.

This is my next favorite. It's what they call "plain" because it is not salted. Just simple cashew goodness. This is perfect for summer salads.

The kasuy goes the adobo route in this new version. It is garlicky and salty. Very tasty because cashew nuts usually do not have a pronounced flavor. During fiesta season (December 8), the tallest glass could cost Php 150 per, but for lean season like now, it's down to Php 50/glass.

And of course, kakanin! Here we have the famous Antipolo suman and those wrapped in banana leaves are sapin sapin. The latter can be had at Php 100 for 4 packs. Not very mind blowing. Ask first if they are new as old kakanin has that oxidized coconut oil aftertaste.

The panotsa - shelled peanuts embedded in pure brown sugar.

And - wierd enough - glazed pili nuts. These are not local produce.
Until my next visit! Thanks so much!


dodong flores said...

I like the photos and the writings in here. I also got my own account of Antipolo adventure but it is more of an observation of the place in a personal level. I hope you don't mind if I put in here the link. Here.

u8mypinkcookies said...

i love the antipolo suman! i love dipping it in sugar!

thos glazed pili nuts look yummy. love the ones from bicol though ;)