Friday, January 18, 2008


The official marker by the Historical Research and Markers Committee, the precursor of what is now the National Historical Institute. The logo used is still that of the Commonwealth as the marker was installed in 1937.

The marker bearing the story of the Marian statue - one of many to cross the Pacific from Mexico. In fact, the image went back and forth many times during the famous Galleon Trade thus the title Buen Viaje (good voyage).

A copy of the original stands in the garden for easy veneration by an adoring public.
Detail. A holy water font sans the head of the dove. There are garlic cloves in the water, ha ha! Local folklore says that holy water and garlic are the best ways to fight aswangs.

Detail. The nativity display.

The plaza as seen from inside the cathedral. The building over there is the Perpetual Adoration chapel.

Detail. One of the many statues of the apostles on the roof of the cathedral.

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