Friday, June 30, 2006


Was at the Folk Arts Theatre (now Tanghalang Francsico Balagtas) with Mom 2 Saturdays ago to watch TUNOG AT GALAW NG ISANG PANGARAP (roughly translated as "Sound and Movement of a Dream / Hope") staged by Kaloob Foundation, which appears to be a Christian ministry. I think this was a fund-raising activity but what got me to watch it was the claim of having a fresh perspective of traditional dances gleaned from newly researched material.

It was a most wonderful show, and as a former member of a folkloric dance company (like my Mom, in her college days), I must admit the new addition to the usual dance steps were a delight to watch. Sadly, they didn't do the Singkil, which is the Queen of all Philippine Dances.

Ramon Obusan, 2006 National Artist for Dance, was the special guest. As usual, sorry for the bad photos. With a simple point-and-shoot digital camera, it's too difficult to get them when seated.


Cyber Agnes said...

Hi Dylan,

I am back from a 2-week vacation in the Philippines. Well, it is not really a vacation. I attended my grandmother's funeral and burial. Too bad, I did not have a chance to explore the places you have proudly posted on your blog. I'll make sure that I do this the next time I go home. Although, my siblings were able to bring me to the Mall of Asia and the ubiquitous SM Malls. I've never seen so many SM malls in my life. :)

Citizen of the World said...

Welcome back, Ate Agnes, although I'm sorry you have to come home under sad circumstances. I hope and pray that all is well :-) Thanks for letting me know!

Mila Tan said...

I knew I would miss the show at the CCP! I hope they do this each year, and maybe hold a tour so that more children will learn the real Filipino dances instead of all that wiggling they make them do.

Citizen of the World said...

Ha ha! All that wiggling ha?

The problem with teachers in private schools is that kesyo naka-black tights na at naka-alampay na yung kids, Pinoy dance na daw yun. Where in these islands can you find tribal groups wearing black tights?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan.
This is what I don't understand with us filipinos 50% lives in poverties but they keep building malls, is that for the rich and famous only, how about the poor of the poorest why don't the rich and famous and politician do something to help them? its a shame if the politician can set aside their differences for the sake of the country we should be one of the prosper country like Japan. All they do is bicker in the senate. by the way I love all the picture that you posted I love it more power to your website.
Mila from Virginia Beach Virginia.

Nikita_Missile said...

I have seen the show last December, 06 and i guess it was good. BTW, i thought taking pictures is not allowed.

Citizen of the World said...

It isn't? Yay! But many of those in the audience were family members who were only too eager to take photos, hehe. Besides, I didnt use the flash.

Thanks for visiting, Nikita!