Thursday, June 29, 2006


I went through my blog today and it appears that I already am starting to have a posting backlog as I promised to load many photos of certain places or events long ago but never came around to doing it. I hope you'd forgive me for this.

At any rate, I just returned from Boracay for a three-day break and I'd be posting photos of that trip here for would-be first-timers and for those who haven't been there yet (it will include tips on how much you might be spending, etc).

Also, there seem to be a lot of Campampangan readers from the US and photo requests have been made to upload shots of certain places in Pampanga. I am sad to say that I haven't been home for two months or thereabouts and can't do this just yet. However, I am due to visit San Fernando (and actually stay there for a weekend with my Mom) and i'd post photos of that San Fernando adventure if, and when, it happens.

I have yet to take photos of the Manila Central Post Office as I am not sure how to go about it without being caught by the guards (since it is a semi-government office) and looking like a terrorist doesn't help either. I think I must shave off my goatee before doing this. You know, at the height of the frenzy and anxiety post-9/11, nobody would sit beside me in public transportation. That time, it happened that I also was growing a beard because I simply wanted to know it if it was possible to grow one. Needless to say (but I'm still saying it), it seemed to work: frightening people, that is. I took it off pronto. I'd rather have people feeling comfortable around me than having to enjoy a seat all to myself and having to dead with people staring. However, growing a beard did have its benefits. Once in our beloved NAIA, where security borders on paranoia, I was bringing my Mom to the Departures area and the guard actually waved me through the entrance (and I wasn't even the passenger!) but stopped my Mom! I figured I sort of intimidated the guard and my Mom didn't (she is rather short).

Funny now that I think of it.

Hey, it's 5 in the morning! Will start posting new photos later in the day. Ciao!

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