Friday, June 30, 2006


Was in the CCP lately to attend the Manila performance of the popular dance company Condors led by Ryohei Kondo. Sorry for the bad photos. I was very far from the stage and most of it was done on the sly. By the way, Sionil Jose, National Artist for Literature, was in attendance. It was good to see him healthy and still very active.

This program was a function of the Philippine-Japan Friendship Year 2006 and was held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as part of the Philippine International Performing Arts Festival held in conjunction with the 31st UNESCO International Theatre Institute World Congress, Manila organized by the International Theater Institute (now that was a long sentence!).

It was a mélange of dance segments, film, puppetry and satiric skits paying homage to Japanese culture and the New World Order. After the show, there was a club party at the Main Theater lobby, the first time to be held at the CCP, in which Filipino DJ Funky Avy was main feature.

The Condors took their bow before an enthusiastic and appreciative audience


Special thanks goes to Rudy Lagman of the Japan Foundation Manila.

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