Friday, July 29, 2005


This entry is related to the entry in my main blog. We visited this area three nights after Araw ng Maynila. The Muelle, I was told, was full of barbecue stalls serving beer and stuff until midnight! Must have been so much fun. Here's a post-party tour.

Buhayin ang Maynila Poster along T. Pinpin Street featuring Manila Mayor Lito Atienza (LA) wearing his signature floral polos. Tomas Pinpin St (below) is accessible via Escolta. This leads you to the Muelle del Banco Nacional, which in turn is beside the Pasig River.

That one's the bridge that brings you from Lawton to Sta Cruz. Beside it and behind it is the Light Rail Transit 1

The new Muelle del Banco Nacional, with Jones Bridge all lighted up. It brings you from Lawton into the heart of Chinatown - Binondo.

The busy Jones Bridge (10PM)

The underside of Jones Bridge; Blue lights reflect on the river below while lamps on the bridge and the lovely stairs leading to it reminds one of similar bridges in Europe.

There are some really nice buildings along the Muelle (1 or 2). I hope to provide you some photos of these soon. At any rate, the street lights were off during our visit, which made it scary. However, there were a lot of students enjoying the wind and the view. The place could be nice if there were stalls to liven it up. In fact, I was thinking of an underground bar in one of the buildings, if only it was possible.

Overall, a nice visit. Please keep the lights on to prevent vagrants from coming back. And someone please fix those benches on the ground as people keep on moving them closer to the edge. Someone might fall asleep and roll onto the river. You can never tell. Manila, after all is the city of possibilities. *wink*


The Talking Mute said...

I can vividly remember the Jones Bridge where my mother dragged me to shop when I was little coming all the way from Sucat, Paranaque. I despised it because of the traffic, pollution from smoke belchers and a sea of people walking in the streets (literally on the streets).

Citizen of the World said...

You probably are referrring to Divisoria? :-) Yes, it's really horrible on a weekend but if you know where to go, it actually can be a fun experience :-)