Saturday, July 30, 2005


This is Dangwa, ladies and gentlemen! This is in Sampaloc, Manila and can be accessed from all points of the metro. For those coming from the South, all you need to do is take a jeep that says DAPITAN and asked to be let off at Dangwa. From the North, just follow the Bonifacio Avenue and turn towards North Cemetery and onwards to the University of Santo Tomas (Dapitan is behind the University).

Many of you probably may have not had the chance to visit the "bagsakan" or flower center of the entire Metro Manila. Flowers of all kinds, from Baguio, Cebu and Laguna are all brought here (hence "bagsakan") and displayed in over a hundred stalls, which in turn sell these to florists and passersby.

To see the most incredible blooms before the florists arrive, visit the area around 2-3 in the morning. Yes, AT DAWN. By 7 or 8AM, you'd be left with nothing to gape at but leaves and some red and yellow Caribbeans.

: Ready-made bouquets are cheaper - and fresher - at dawn. I don't know why. Nevertheless, it's so difficult to choose from so many you'd end up going around first before finally settling on one choice.

There are three divisions in this particular area, by the way. It's a long street transected by two other streets (Dapitan and I-forgot-the-street-name) at 90 degrees.

And please remember this for good measure. The area near Dapitan Street sells at TWICE the price than those found on the other end. Be forewarned.

Price range
: Php 250 - 300 per bouquet.

Even the street lamps are flower-shaped! Manila Mayor Lito Atienza had this area paved and lighted only early this year.
Irises (yes, they look different from those abroad but I must admit nomenclature is severly mistaken in these parts. Botanists should be called in to identify flowers properly)
Corcuma (large)
Assorted Mums (Malaysian and local)

This visit was made because of the on-line flower gallery I had to make for a business. Please visit it here and click on Our Flower Gallery. Thanks!

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