Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Discovering new places does not mean just visiting those advertised in the papers. To truly know what it means to experience a place, Binondo or Sta Cruz for example, one has to go where a lot of people go.

One such place is DELICIOUS. Although very ordinary compared to more-known establishments surrounding the area, I am amazed by the fact that this small two-storey affair is jampacked with people, enough to make me curious as to what brings them here.

Tagging a friend along, I was told it's the pansit (noodles). So pansit it is (Php 160).

For the first time, I also ordered Hototay (Php 150). Now, this particular soup is a conondrum exemplified. It is a confusing melange of fish, squid, pork and chicken liver, sea cucumber and veggies, and then topped with one raw egg. If this is really Chinese in origin, I really wish to know. It reminds me so much of Bacolod's batchoy sans the seafood.

We also ordered stuffed shrimps (Php 25/each) but it came too dark. Must be the oil (reuse of oil is really bad like what happens in tapsilogans).

I wanted to take a closer photo of this one but I wasn't allowed to. This is where the raw ingredients are displayed. The catch is, everything is mixed by hand in full view of everyone. For the finicky, this is reason enough to make a quick dash back to the streets but heck, food in fine dining restos are manhandled too (pun not intended for the lack of a better word) so this really isn't something surprising.

All in all, i'd give this place a 5/10. Food is fine but not as good as Estero's. To spare yourself of the humidity (and the baby roaches on the wall) on the first floor and thick cigarette smoke on the second, just order take-out.


Lakbay.Pilipinas said...

I love this restaurant.......

a certified nut said...

hi, i was searching the net for a picture of delicious and found it here.

this resto serves great miki-bihon with all the toppings i cannot identify. and the "litid" soup, too.

great blog!