Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Whenever my Aunt would visit me in Manila, I always ask her to bring me sati, a street food that is very popular in (and can only be found there, I think) Zamboanga City. This is made of chicken meat that is diced in really small sizes (hardly bite sizes; you can eat it in one gulp) and comes with a really mean sauce for dipping. It'd blow your head off, but it's really unforgettable stuff (think red cayenne pepppers). Sati de Zamboanga is actually its the city's version of satay, pretty much something that can also be found in other Southeast asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia (may have originated in Java).

Tip: Keep the sauce refrigerated. It easily spoils, usually within the day it is made. This is because of its coconut content.


Rikki said...

Good day!

I'm Rikki Magno, researcher of kapuso mo jessica soho. We are currently working on "unique pasalubong" for our episode next saturday. I wonder if you can help me. Please me at 9827777 loc 1426/1427 or text me at 09158341888 and i'll call you right away.

thank you so much

Citizen of the World said...

Rikki, I just read your comment. I'm afraid I can't help you much in this regard given the short notice. :-(

bro. jeff, sj said...

i miss this.