Sunday, October 07, 2007


Borakay. Photo by Dylan Gozum (2006)

"The landscape belongs to the man who looks at it."

- Henry David Thoreau


travelphilippines said...

wow great shot.

Sidney said...

A very moody picture! I would never have guessed that this was Boracay!

rayts said...

this is just my opinion Dylan but the thing with Boracay beaches (and other white sand beaches for that matter)is that, well, they don't look that much appealing in monochrome kase wala masyadong makuhang contrast. maputla lahat. also, if you could switch that boat a little bit on the left and less space on the foreground to provide apt vista at the back, then I guess we'll have something here. but again, this is just me blabbering again. ;-)

Citizen of the World said...

Hi Rayts, ha ha! I appreciate all the comments you're giving me. I never had formal training with photography, but I guess it's all in the 'eye' - how one sees things. I have this thing for monochromes especially when I'm moody - like what Sidney said - and the original photo didn't have sun at all. This was June and it was raining like hell in Borakay (pero kuripot ako and wanted to save so i went, tee hee!). I decided to render the photo in B&W bec it was too gloomy in the original. Useless lang din ang photo, although I do have some fantastic shots of sunny Boracay (I had to cross the island to see it).

Sidney, moody indeed!

Travel Phils, thanks po for dropping by again!

Ferdz said...

Very moody nga. But that quote made me smile and think. oo nga ano? hehe