Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Spent my last night in Singapore in one of the city's bustling areas for night life - Clark Quay.
MINISTRY OF SOUND. Founded by James Palumbo, Humphrey Waterhouse and DJ Justin Berkmann, it opened its first nightclub in Elephant and Castle, South London and has since opened franchises in Asia. Singapore's club opened in December of 2005. So far, the branches in Singapore and Taiwan are the only ones left often. Those in New Delhi and Bangkok have already closed.

There's also a bazaar which sells really nice goodies. We met a Pinoy selling shirts bought from the US. They're selling at SGD 51 each (Php 1,530). Rather steep for shirts, huh? But they were really nice.

I also saw acrylic versions of Tintin and Friends, my all-time favorite comic book characters!

This area is protected from the elements by these fiber glass canopies which are illuminated at night.

I love the concept of this bar, C or Clinic. The entrance features two surgery room lights which really melds into the industrial look of the place. Fantastic!

The couches have wheels and aluminum bars to mimic hospital beds. Way cool!

There are also IV fluids on standby. Maybe just in case you are too drunk to drink, they can just push the liquor via IV, hehe!

We dropped by NECTARIE for dessert.
2 cakes plus drinks only cost us SGD 15!

The Kandi Bar is one of the coolest looking bars in this area.

Mad rush to go home. At 12 midnight, we decided to go home and rest. I had to be at the airport at 5AM for my 7.50 flight back to Manila.

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Rick said...

wow ang saya saya naman! i wanna check out ministry of sound and kandi bar when i go to SG. :)